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Part 2 – Why an Email List is One of Your Top Marketing Tools

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In a blog by Hubspot last year, it was reported that consumers continue to prefer connecting with brands via email, and email marketers are seeing their email ROI skyrocket.

Couple this with the fact that we have now had twelve months of a pandemic and a swing in buyer behaviour to being much more online, you can see how using email marketing should be one of your top tools you are using in your marketing. 

You may already be aware of the effectiveness of email marketing, but not had the confidence to go ahead and get it set up, or you have an email list set up and a database full of contacts, but no idea how to make it work for you?  

This blog provides a short overview of why email marketing can be a great tool for your business.

What is an email list?

This is your database list of the names and email addresses of your contacts, connections, clients and prospects, all of whom have given you permission to send them news, updates and promotions from your business.  

This list can be put into CRM (Client Relationship Marketing) software to enable bulk emails to be sent at once. 

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millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email

Why does my business need one?

Email marketing can help your business see a direct return from people who have actively subscribed to engaging with you and your business.  

Email is an authentic way to build connections with the people that keep your business alive allowing it to be both a relationship and profit building tool.  

Emails help you boost your company’s brand awareness, keeping your services and products front and centre in the mind of your customers and prospects ensuring that ready they are ready to engage they know where to go.  

You can use your email marketing as an information resource for your customers and prospects, providing them with free information that engenders trust and demonstrates that your business is an authority within your industry.  

Email marketing allows you to nurture your leads providing them with content and information that will entice them to buy from you. 

Used correctly it can be your most powerful piece of marketing armoury.  

The biggest thing to remember is that email marketing isn’t about you, or your company, it is about your customer.  

Make your communications about them and their needs and you will win every time, making sure they look forward to your emails, open them and act. 

Top 5 reasons why email is a powerful communication tool:

It is personal

This is the only way you can contact someone directly, your message will land directly in the inbox of your current clients, your ‘nearly’ customers and your future connections – your prospects. 

It can help create a one-on-one relationship, the recipient can respond and engage with you – creating trust.  

It is targeted

You can segment your list to send messages that are relevant to your recipient. 

You know what they need from you, as you have segmented them, and you ensure that what they receive from you they will want and respond well to.  

It is purposeful

In order to receive your updates, the people on your email list have filled out a form on your website, or have agreed in some other way (for example at a conference or event) to provide you with their email details and receive correspondence from you. 

They are therefore interested in your business and potentially very receptive to what you have to offer.  

4 Your email list is yours

Your SEO efforts and social media campaigns can potentially go to waste when platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google change their policies.

Your email list is owned by you and cannot be influenced by anything else, as long as you are compliant with the GDPR regulations there is no external entity that impact on how, when or why you reach out to your subscribers. 

5 Email is used by almost everyone, several times a day

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat may have their billions, but according to Statista.com email is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024.

This alone should help you understand that email marketing is a solid long-term investment with a good return for low expenditure.

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