Small Business Marketing Case Study: Up+thrive

Kathryn Eade, Up+thrive
Having Mighty Moxie on board as associates to offer a digital marketing training programme across Cheshire and Warrington has really helped ensure that small business owners and sole traders now have a better understanding of how digital marketing can work for them in what has been a challenging 12 months for most. It's been great to see and hear the impact they have had on so many businesses across the region.

The client

Dedicated to working with businesses of all sizes, with a focus on female founders and leaders, Up+thrive seeks to help build businesses from the inside out.

Offering both entrepreneurs and businesses with talented female leaders support in developing a positive mindset allowing them to grow, embrace change and step outside their comfort zone, owner Kathryn Eade has made this business her passion.

Challenges faced – the ‘too busy to do our own marketing’ moment 


Coming home from spending 3 years in Montreal in the summer of 2018, was the start of Kathryn’s new journey.

Having ran a successful business for over 15 years before leaving for Montreal, and then whilst there creating a successful ex-pat business hub, she knew she wanted to do something once back in the UK.

Kathryn set about creating the vision for Up+thrive and started her website and branding with an independent designer, doing a lot of the work herself.

She started to use LinkedIn to spread the word, already having a vast array of connections this seemed the sensible thing to do. However it was all to soon that frustration hit.

Kathryn explains;

‘I simply did not properly understand how to use and harness LinkedIn to promote my business and what I was trying to achieve. I did not understand its power or how to create good content, when to post even.’

Here at Mighty Moxie – we are a totally female led boutique agency based in Chester close to Up+thrive’s home, and as a digitally led business we understand how to show clients how to use social media to grow organically.

Kathryn had a great database with lot of contacts and prospects in it when she started her business, but understanding what to do with the data, when trying to coach clients, attend speaking events and lecture at Chester University, meant she was putting her marketing on the back burner.

‘Mailchimp or any kind of email marketing was not even on my radar, but I knew that I needed to be contacting the people in my database – I just did not know where to start! Rachel came along and explained how I needed to segment my contacts and provide them with slightly different narratives depending on both their needs and what I can offer.’

The big ‘ah-ha’ moment

Kathryn was making connections and getting more and more speaking slots by late summer 2019 and knew that the work done so far with Mighty Moxie was working.

‘I knew I needed to be seen and driving visibility was imperative to my success. The reality of a start-up I guess, but I had the established network, I just needed to communicate with them.’

The Mighty Moxie Moment  

Up+thrive was gaining traction by early September 2019 and really starting to make its mark across the North West, Kathryn realised that the work with Mighty Moxie was starting to help her.

‘I know Rachel personally and this has simply grown, her and the team have the knowledge and expertise I need. The approach in their marketing for me as a small business has been great. They have been willing to listen to me, but not afraid to make suggestions. I am inclined to have a lot of ideas, so the team have helped me work out which serve best and when. ‘

As an entrepreneur herself, Kathryn enjoys having an in-depth involvement with her business’ marketing;

‘Working through my marketing plan with the team has been easy, there’s been a natural symbiosis, natural progression and a natural rhythm – I have never felt that Rachel or the team have pushed me into anything, which I think is rare. Grappling with so many elements as a start-up, there can be a tendency for marketeers to say that marketing is the only focus, when in fact there is so much more. I never feel swamped by Mighty Moxie, only supported’

The positive mindset moment

Here at Mighty Moxie we actively encourage ourselves and our clients to feel and think with a positive and growth mindset. Not always easy when starting a new business or when making a commitment to grow or change an already successful one!

There was therefore a natural connection with Kathryn and her vision for Up+thrive –a band of females trying to make their way in business – we were a perfect fit together!

Marketing strategy sessions often form a big part of the initial process before working with new clients and Up+thrive’s goals have been ever changing to suit where the business seemed to be heading.

 ‘As a start-up, I am constantly growing and learning, to work with someone who is prepared to invest and engage in helping me get to the nub of what I am doing has been a massive help in helping my personal mindset and keeping me on track and accountable.

My other alternative was me doing it myself – so time consuming. Also it really is nice to haves someone else to do it – it stops me overthinking! Social media is just so fast paced.’

The ‘it is working and helping’ moment 

Kathryn had discussed her goals for her business with the Moxie team and to ensure they would be a good fit as a working dynamic

‘I love how approachable the team is, they have gone to great lengths to try and understand my business. A highlight was when Rachel attended one of my Growth Hubs and showed me how to harness the power of Twitter for ‘in the moment’ showcasing. The hand holding I got that day was great and so reassuring – I felt like Rachel was a part of the Up+thrive team.’

Kathryn had been fearful to step out of her comfort zone and send out communication to her already well established network;

‘A couple of lightbulb moments were when we sent out our first newsletter and then also the midweek motivation posts which Rachel scheduled and drafted. These really made me realise that outsourcing my marketing was the answer to stop me worrying.’

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