Small Business Marketing Case Study: Olga Alianova

The client

Olga Alianovais an international glass artist and designer. Her key technique for her jewellery is to use something known as Lampworking. 

Lampworking is a family passion with Olga having been taught by her mother, Elena Hernburg who is an international renowned artist and a master lampworker herself. 
With every piece telling a story, Olga needed a website to support and reflect the dedication she gives to her work.  

The old website

Challenges faced – the ‘too busy to do our own marketing’ moment 

Having had some success with her Etsy shop and also a social media presence, Olga knew that there was an appetite for her pieces. 

She already had a website, but wanted more from itshe was looking to streamline her processes and having a shop integrated into her website was key to this.   

Creating these beautiful pieces of art and jewellery takes lots of time and so energy needs to be concentrated on this, trying to consider building a website herself was not an option.  

Olga explains;

‘I needed to get all elements of my offering in one place. I was trying to achieve a seamless experience for anyone who wanted my jewellery and build my brand. 

I was also building my presence across the world in several galleries.

I wanted to be able to point them to a one-stop shop for my website, rather than having to direct them to social media or my Etsy page’ 

The big ‘ah-ha’ moment 

With her gorgeous jewellery, ornaments and art, Olga had all the raw tools to make a beautiful website, she just needed the right platform to do this. 

Trying to decide how to this was overwhelming whilst trying to run a business. Here at Mighty Moxie we are well versed in some of the most popular website platforms, including Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and WordPress 

We held a couple of discovery calls with Olga, finding out clear goals such as functionality and how she wanted the website to look.

It was determined that ultimately Olga wanted overall control of her site, with the scope to expand, add pieces as and when and limit the amount of overcomplicated development. 

It was concluded that a new website was a priority as her current one simply did not offer what she needed. Looking through various themes on all the different platforms, we decided upon a WordPress site.  

Olga says; 

‘Whilst I was selling enough on my Etsy page, I really needed to bring my work under one roof so to speak. I wanted to offer my Instagram and Facebook followers a better experience to buy my work. Having a website that was linked to all this was imperative to my success.’ 

The Mighty Moxie Moment   

Trying to look through the myriad of website platforms and consequently the various themes, or the option of full web development was full on.

When already running a busy business, Olga knew after her call with the Mighty Moxie team that she needed the support.  

‘Rachel sent through various themes that her and Christine had looked through and narrowed down for me to choose from. This not only saved me time, but I knew I needed their expertise when choosing a site that would offer not only the look but also the functionality I was looking for.’ 

New website designed using WordPress & WooCommerce

The ‘it is working and helping’ moment 

Olga had discussed her goals for her business with the Moxie team and to ensure they would be a good fit as a working dynamic 

‘I have had many discovery calls all along the way with both Rachel and Christine and even when things were not going as we had planned, they remained helpful and calm to ensure we found a solution.

This for me was really reassuring. They even helped me set up my new email so that my email marketing will work better. Knowing that they were on the end of an email or video call was really great. I felt supported and it helped to stop me worrying. ’  

Once the website was ready to go live, Olga was keen to get it linked for shopping through her social channels.   

With a good following on both Instagram and Facebook, it was really important that Mighty Moxie were able to help Olga harness the potential sales power that these platforms offer. 

Instagram Shopping - tag product images which link straight through to the website

‘The final step in my making my website really work for me was connecting it to my social channels. Facebook and Instagram make this pretty tricky!

I needed the experts to help me! I am thrilled with how great my social channels now look and in particular how easy it connects with my website.

This is all creates such a good experience for my customers and certainly makes life easier for me.’  

To find out more about Olga and her beautiful work, visit her shop at

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