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Ben Mills, Business Development Director
"Law Firm Services have been working with “The Mighty Moxie” for nearly a year . They are friendly , personable , flexible and offer a range of marketing expertise which is complimentary to the sector , Legal Technology and delivering solutions to this market place . They are wonderful , get involved !"

The client

A Law Firm Services product, Minerva is a full service digital client onboarding solution for the legal industry.

The innovative portal allows for multi-party engagement across all law practice areas with everything from facial recognition ID verification, quote acceptance to key client forms being completed easily – all digitally and online.

Challenges faced – the ‘too busy to do our own marketing’ moment 

Having a strong presence in the legal industry, in particular in the Conveyancing sector, the team at LFS had already carved some good ground when they launch Minerva late in 2019.

They knew they had something great to offer, but they also knew that their connections alone would not bring them the customer base the product deserved. 

With a basic website that did not really showcase all the elements of the portal and a brand in Minerva that was almost unknown, the team knew that they had reached a point where they needed to either bring a marketer in-house or look to an agency.  

Ben Mills Business Development Director explains; 

‘We knew that we needed more than a single person could offer so I put a shout out on LinkedIn. Additionally Richard Mathias mentioned that he had worked with Rachel Booth in her previous role at a legal sector marketing agency. We had several agencies pitch to us but Mighty Moxie’s knowledge of the legal sector and in particular legal tech was pretty much unrivalled.’ 

The LFS team know that they needed to get the foundation right if any marketing was going to return.

The team at Moxie set about building and designing a bespoke new website – the owl remaining! 

Once this was created, it was clear that some compelling content was needed too.

Minerva already had some impressed early adopters so there was no shortage of testimonials and case studies. 

Videos, podcasts and thought leading content nicely built the website ready for campaigns to follow. 

The big ‘ah-ha’ moment

With so much going on; running demos, integrating APIs and getting IT departments all set up, bringing together the knowledge that both the Minerva and the Moxie teams had meant that a really comprehensive strategy could be created for their marketing.  

Having outsourced marketing from people who took ownership and managed the whole process meant that the Minerva team could concentrate on winning sales, looking after clients and developing the APIs.  

Ben explains;

‘Christine and Rachel had so much experience already in implementing strategy to our target demographic, it was easy. There was no need to get them ‘up to speed’ they were quickly on brand, understood the law and the industries requirements in compliance etc; a ready-made marketing team!’ 

Once the website was up and live, the team were able to move onto some strategic work. Setting up a series of knowledge based panel webinars, with noted industry speakers promoting these across all channels, social, email and in legal sector news coupled with attendance at virtual conferences. 

The Mighty Moxie Moment

Realising that they needed a better CRM system to properly capture, nurture and grow their prospects and clients, Minerva asked Mighty Moxie to help them.

Concluding that the implementation of Hubspot’s CRM company-wide was most beneficial, Mighty Moxie set about getting this done.

CRM management is an ongoing and important part of effective marketing and this soon became part of the Moxie team’s role.

A true extension of the team and certainly proving that an outsourced marketing team had been the right decision.

Infographics, videos, PR webinars, emails and blogs over the next 6 months saw the Minerva brand gaining traction in its sector.

Hubspot forms are now getting filled in through the website and the pathway for prospects is clear and effective.

Richard Mathias, Sales Director comments;

‘It is great to have clear where we are in the pipeline, Moxie’s support with our CRM is invaluable, it also really shows us where their efforts in the marketing is working. The support of two individuals who have worked in the sector and understand what our target market needs has been so brilliant; their ability to just get on with what we need them to do is brilliant. It saves us time and money, we just work with the results – hopefully lots of awareness and new prospects!’  

The ‘it is working and helping’ moment 

Once the websitetestimonial videos, podcasts, CRM and marketing collateral had been created, updated and establishedit was time to start looking at user experience and creating a pathway for lead generation 

With a populated and growing CRM, a strategy to communicate to segmented targets was agreed on. 

Creating landing pages to be sent out to promote the various webinars, blogs and videos produced by the Moxie team in a consistent email marketing plan meant that targets were beginning to understand the true value of Minerva.  

Current customers were being nurtured and targets were starting to know the brand.  

With an ongoing strategy plan to ensure that all legal practice areas understand how much Minerva can help with client onboarding and compliancethere is lots to be excited about! 

With plans to create lots more content, PR and general buzz for Minerva as the all-round solution for client onboarding and digital risk free compliancethe Moxie team are thrilled to be working with such an innovative legal tech company

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