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Sally Penni MBE
Women in the Law
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"As we were moving more online, I really needed a team who were digitally savvy, but who also knew the legal market, Rachel and Christine completely got what we needed and it was a relief to have people onboard who could not only help, but who understood lawyers and the legal industry. Their monthly support is not only affordable it is of great value too."

Marketing Strategy and Support to help reach more members

We developed a clear path for membership sign up, streamlining processes along the way which included a coherent set of messages to be sent by email to ensure that as many potential members as possible are caught in the pipeline. The members were growing and due to the pandemic there was a thirst for assets to be delivered online. The team needed support in actioning all of this.

The client

Women in the Law has its foundations in supporting women in their legal careers, in turn those who have been supported then become the mentors for the next generation. From webinars and podcasts, to conferences and training, WITL has an aim to make the law accessible and diverse for all.


Moxie were drafted in to help create better processes for the members sign up and to help target specific cohorts with membership offerings.

The website had been built and whilst it served its purpose the shift to more assets being online (webinars and podcasts) there was a need for the navigation of the site to be clarified and cleaned up.

Additionally there was no clear structure to when email marketing was happening. Run by volunteers, most of whom were practicing lawyers, time was always in short supply.

Membership sign up was paper heavy meaning that interested parties had to print off, complete and sign a form before scanning and then sending the membership application back by email, which then in turn had to be checked. This was taking too much time and potentially putting people off joining as the process was not an easy one.

The Solution 

The Moxie team implemented a membership system that also was able to be integrated into the website for ease. The membership system had a one click approval process which could be actioned with ease. There were also membership numbers now allocated and even photo ID could be provided.

The website navigation was cleaned up to offer a clearer pathway for those who wanted to become members, and for those who already were, better Call To Actions to help signpost members to useful resources.

We created cleaner and simpler newsletter templates and segmented the lists of members and non-members so that messaging was clearly targeted.  This meant that members were receiving quality and relevant information on events and updates on the law. Whilst the non-members and parties of interest were targeted with reasons to join, thus increasing membership in what was a very tricky and ‘remote’ year.

A campaign to get all members and interested parties onto the same system was launched at the end of 2020 meaning that the community and its volunteers entered the new year with a better and clearer structure. Working towards mor normal times, the next steps are the winter conference in November which will be hosted by DLA Piper  

The Mighty Moxie Moment

At a time when things were changing rapidly due to the pandemic and face to face meetings no longer an option. The team at WITL needed to accelerate their accessibility and the methods in which they were found, contacted, and people to join them with ease. Having the Moxie team take this headache all away at such a timely moment and having a knowledge of the sector meant that things ran really smoothly and members began to have an easier process. 

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