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How is your marketing going for your law firm? Are you finding that you know you need to do more, but struggling to find the time?

You need your fee earners to concentrate on their matter files, earn your firm money and retain your client base.

You might have a business development department, but you need them to be focused on selling your services and before you know it marketing naturally ends up lower down on the list of priorities.

One of the key avenues for success for both firms and legal services is the need to self-generate high quality enquiries; ultimately transforming into accepted cases and lifelong clients for firms.

Similarly, those offering B2B legal services to law firms need to showcase their time and money saving kit to these firms.

At Mighty Moxie, our expertise in legal digital marketing for law firms, solicitors and legal service providers, can help cut your costs and ensure your teams are focused on your business goals without the distraction of driving new business.

You are aware that you have not got the time to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends and questions such as:

  • What topics should we be blogging about?
  • What stories would be good for us to turn into press releases?
  • What keywords need to be used in our content for the best results?
  • How can we create accessible guides for our clients when dealing with complex legal issues?
  • What is a content strategy, and do we need one?

We can help your website be full of rich content that is informative and helps your organic growth on Google.

Our expertise in content for law firms and legal services can help make sure your website is optimised for the best possible conversion rate.

For most high street law firms, an ideal client is one who is a local one. That way your firm becomes their go-to for all legal needs.

In order to make sure you have your best foot forward, your website needs to be optimised for local search also known as Local SEO.

This means making sure it is ‘google friendly’ so that if someone types ‘law firm near me’ into their search engine, your website will be shown.

But how does this happen? How does Google know?

All search engines rely on elements from the web such as citations in directories, your website content and social media posts to then show users the most relevant sites and articles to their enquiry.

Ensuring your website is optimised for Local SEO is essential – it is the primary way of staying relevant and stop you missing out on up to 80% of your potential clients.

Authoritative, readable and jargon free copywriting is key for a law firm website to be successful.

Very few lawyers have the spare time for copywriting, however, being online have never been more essential than it is now for all businesses including law firms and legal sector providers.

Having your website offer useful legal information that speaks to its audience such as guides, whitepapers, blogs and sales pages, can have great impact bringing you new visitors.

We create clear, creative and informative copy for your website that helps win new clients and retain existing ones.

We have access to the leading legal journals ensuring that we are always on top of new legislation, updates in case law and any obiter or ratio judgements that have an impact on what you may need to talk about.

Couple this with extensive experience in campaign management for legal services and law firms, we really can demonstrate how we can make your website work hard for you and bring you new business.

With almost a decade spent working within the legal industry and having worked on some of the industry’s leading news publications and events, we are confident in helping law firms and legal service providers implement their digital marketing strategy.

We provide your law firm or legal services business with:

  • Innovative marketing and business development strategies
  • Website design and digital strategies Branding, market awareness
  • and profiling
  • Tailored solutions to reach new customers
  • Website review and audit

Why should you work with Mighty Moxie for your legal marketing?

What makes us better than average?

We pride ourselves having the legal sector as one of our key specialisms.

With one of our directors being legally qualified and having been in practice as a fee earner, we really understand the legal market and what makes a good digital strategy for law firms and legal sector providers.  

Having worked within law firms we know how you operate:

Law firms face different barriers to other businesses when it comes to marketing and the methods required to overcome them are different to usual methodology for other industries.

We understand the structure of law firms too, often complex and with many opportunities for cross selling we can help you maximise these opportunities.

We understand that you need to know your ROI

A key question we ask of you when we start to discuss your marketing needs is ‘how much is client worth to you?’.

By knowing this we can help you understand the return on your spend in comparison to the business you get.

We understand what your clients need

As a user online or in person, your clients look for a good user experience from you.

From businesses to individuals, your clients will view your website at least 7 times before making a decision – make sure it speaks to their needs.

Speak to us about how we help you with your law firm marketing.

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