How to make email marketing work for you

Set the right expectations 

You have your opt-in forms set up and you have created the free and enticing offers, you have a list!

You now to need to follow through with great content.

Setting the right expectations for your email marketing is up to you, ensure your call to action is strong, and that you can actually deliver with a consistent follow up, meaning you can have a good campaign which is positive for your brand and business.

Your follow up email is crucial to the success of your efforts; it needs to make sure it solidifies your subscribers’ expectations in that it explains what your recipients can expect to receive from you.

The follow up email to welcome your subscribers to your database needs to be delivered immediately introducing yourself, your business or your brand describing what you plan to do with their details.

An infographic with top tips for welcoming email subscribers to your marketing list

When to start using your emails to pitch your service or product

You have a list you can market to – congratulations!  

The thing is, you got them there by offering free value and transitioning from offering free information to making the list one that it is receptive to being sent content that is pitching a product or service can be difficult.  

Your email list needs to work for you, you need to engage customers and ultimately make sales.   

You need to be sure that your subscribers will be ready to expect such a pitch however, your audience needs to be prepared for one and not just get one all of a sudden.   

Your list is a permission asset and those permissions can be removed by a click of an unsubscribe button, make sure your messaging is consistent with the expectations you have set out in your welcome email.  

This means that you cannot spring a pitch on your audience out of the blue, your campaign will prove far more successful if your targets are expecting one, once in a while.

If they have shown an interest in what you are promoting before then your chance of engaging with them is higher.  

An offer sent blindly will appear intrusive and may well lose you your permissions and subscribers. 

Erring on the side of caution when pitching is the best way to ensure your permission assets are retained.

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of consumers check their email every day.


Email newsletters – when they are good and when they are bad

Newsletters can offer a great way to keep in touch with your contacts, connections and prospects, but there are good ways to do them and bad.

The first sign you know you have received a bad newsletter is that you might not recall asking to receive it.

Usually this happens when a list has been poorly maintained, or when someone has been added to a list manually through the use of a personal email.

Ideally you want your audience to remember you and the best way to do this is by sending enough emails depending, on who you are marketing to and what you are marketing to them, to ensure that there is no lapse in your touchpoint with them.

The best kind of newsletters usually have a mix of messaging and updates – balancing service or product updates with a personal, friendly and light message.

Your newsletter is there to help create a deeper relationship between you, your brand and your service or product.

Actual hard-core pitching ought to be saved for one off announcements, major updates or offers.

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of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success.


Take advantage of an email autoresponder function

In the beginning it is easy to personally respond to the people on your list, it is small enough to manage, but once you have more than a handful it becomes quite tricky to keep up.

Following through with everyone soon seems hard and this is where your autoresponder function comes into its own.   

Most email marketing services have this function which allows you to set up and schedule emails to automatically send messages out to your subscribers, allowing them to warm to your brand, products and services.  

That way when you are ready to launch something, promote a product or service, you will have already been in touch and all being well you are much less likely to annoy your recipients. 

An infographic which explains how an email autoresponder works

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