How to amplify your LinkedIn posts for maximum engagement

As a business platform, LinkedIn is the first choice for many companies and professional users to network and engage with their audience. With 260 million active monthly users worldwide it is hugely active in terms of posts and connections. While these numbers are impressive, it does leave the average, or smaller business user, wondering how they can be heard above the noise. 

Being visible to like-minded people and being able to expand your network is essential, but with a limited amount of time to attract the attention of other users it can be a challenge. LinkedIn, by its nature, differs from other popular social media platforms. On channels like Twitter or Instagram users can freely publish posts several times a day. LinkedIn etiquette dictates that one post a day should be the maximum, with some users posting just once or twice per week.

So with those limitations how can you ensure you are getting maximum visibility?

1. Use appropriate content

As a business platform, LinkedIn is designed to engage and provide relevant information to its users. No funny cat videos here! In fact, posting the same sort of content that you might find on other social platforms is frowned upon on LinkedIn. Keep in mind that business is the focus here, so when writing posts it should be 100% business-orientated and contain interesting news or insights. 

2. Make every word count

LinkedIn posts need to be engaging and thoughtful. So consider what you are posting about and design your content around it. Craft a compelling post that eliminates any unnecessary text or comments and keep it on topic. Don’t try and extend your post with ‘fluff’ or ‘filler text’, better to have something that is short, relevant and to the point that your followers will enjoy reading.

3. Limit your hashtags

Hashtag use has been adopted by most social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest use hashtags to identify post content. While channels like Instagram allow for as many as 30 hashtags, the same is not true for LinkedIn. Technically speaking you can add as many hashtags as you wish to a LinkedIn post, but the accepted maximum is between 3-5.

4. Ask for opinions

Everyone likes to weigh in and share their opinion, and this is a great way to encourage engagement. Linkedin has added a poll feature, enabling posters to ask a question and list up to 4 possible answers. Current affairs, recent news, or even questions about your own business can be used to create a poll and expand your reach.

5. Engage, engage, engage

Take the time to scroll through our LinkedIn feed and add comments or observations to other users posts. This increases your visibility not only to the poster but to other people in their network that may wish to connect with you. Networking in this fashion also encourages reciprocity and can lead to better engagement on your own posts. 

6. Take time to tag

Tagging is the act of linking other users to your post and can expand visibility. Using the @ symbol in front of your connections name allows you to add them onto a post. If you have recently had a successful collaboration or project involving other users it is worth posting and tagging your colleagues to increase your audience.


LinkedIn is highly competitive in terms of posts and content. Use these tips and keep to a regular posting schedule to get the most engagement on your posts. Varying your content strategy can yield positive results and help with your networking efforts. With some practice, you will be able to identify which type of posts bring maximum visibility.