Charity Marketing Case Study: Share

The client

Share’s aims are simple – to support families in crisis and people who are homeless in North Wales and Cheshire along with a passion to assist refugees fleeing for their lives, wherever they are in the world. 

Covering Cheshire and North Wales with hubs in Mold and Chester, the charity, set up in 2015, supports families across the region and works with refugee support organisations across the UK and Europe.  

With a team of solid volunteers, the charity helps ensure the homeless across the city of Chester are provided with things the rest of us take for granted, hot drinks, food, sleeping bags and clothing.

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Challenges faced – the ‘too busy to do our own marketing’ moment 

As the charity grew, and in January 2016 opened a shop and café for donations and coffee, it became more and more difficult for the team to ensure that their coordinated efforts and communications were efficient. 

More volunteers had joined and the webmail system that they were using was not always reliable, not easy to administer, and so creating more problems than solutions.

The very nature of charities means that there is a large turnover of volunteers and staff. 

In 2017 it was obvious that some help was needed with internal communications and marketing themselves effectively meaning that volunteers and staff could be properly utilised to carry out the charity’s work.  

Mighty Moxie have always had a passion for helping charities and director Christine was looking for a new charity to support – the work that Share was doing fed into her passion and so she became a trustee in 2017 and offered some marketing support to the leadership team.  

Debra Webb, Chair explains;

‘We had launched the charity and the brand, the whole of Chester and surrounding area were really behind us with schools, churches and organisations in the locale also supporting us.

We knew we needed to get some support with our communications infrastructure. Christine’s initial help came at exactly the right time.

Now that she is a part of Mighty Moxie, we know that the support will only continue.’ 

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Flyer design & printing

The big ‘ah-ha’ moment 

The charity needed to set up better ways to communicate with their volunteers and the board.

The webmail they were using simply was not working well for them, on top of which they were using lots of different systems to manage their files, all of which was laborious and confused.  

To help make their processes more seamless, Mighty Moxie introduced Office 365 to the charity – this platform is free for charities to use and not advertised too widely.

The emails immediately looked more professional as they now used the same domain as the website.

Office 365 is a business grade email and so was much more secure, this is important for all businesses, but in particular a charity dealing with sensitive information on a regular basis.  

‘We simply were wasting time, emailing documents through to each other, losing documents that we needed and struggling to get the trustees together for face to face meetings. All trustees are volunteers with full time jobs and families to juggle.

Mighty Moxie setting us up with Office 365 and all its tools and training us how to use it all, means that we can now easily schedule video conferences and calls, saving both time and money.’ 

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Charity leaflet design

The Mighty Moxie Moment   

Becoming more efficient in their internal communications meant that the trustees and volunteers could concentrate their time on helping the charity grow and focus on the things that matter – running the shop in Chester and coordinating the efforts at the Mold branch.  

Christine explains;

‘The implementation of Office 365 meant that the email was reliable and allowed for syncing across multiple devices. The problem a lot of small businesses and charities have is that they use different systems for different things, such as webmail, dropbox, zoom etc.

The email login allows for access to SharePoint and Teams so only one login is needed to use everything. One central admin panel can be used to immediately remove access to files, lock email accounts and reset passwords if needed.

The beauty of using this for the Share team means that even if volunteers are all working remotely they can be working towards the same goals all at the same time regardless of where they are.’ 

Ensuring workflows are in place for businesses, especially charities, means that internal processes and communications work effectively and so output can become the main focus.  

Debra says;

‘The help we receive from Mighty Moxie is now even more important than ever, since the COVID-19 pandemic we have found that having these processes in place already has proved invaluable.

Our service is now even more in demand. We are feeding 100+ people on a daily basis and so now the video conferencing we are already used to using has really come into its own.

We are able to immobilise our teams far quicker than before. Imperative more than ever at this time.’  

Additionally, Mighty Moxie have helped Share with their social media profiles, design and collateral, even the shop front at the Chester store.   

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