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Great work for great causes

With a passion for seeing local Cheshire and North Wales charities thrive, we help great causes have a fantastic online presence.

We can help boost your support, raise your profile and encourage more donations for your charity, with innovative cost effective marketing strategies and messaging that gets straight to the heart of your cause. 

Helping you build effective
ways of working

We truly believe in charity brands and where the foundations are built through your teams and volunteers effectively, you can make potential donors aware of your cause through efficient ways of working.  

We have experience of helping teams build good processes ensuring that communication is strong, helping building an excellent backbone for the structure of your charity.  

Helping you reach
your target audience

We can help you develop the right roadmap for your marketing strategy.

Finding out where your audience is likely to engage can help shape the right campaign for you. 

It may be that social media makes the most sense, or actually your email database is the best channel. Getting your messages seen and heard by the right people at the right time will be key to your charity’s success.

Helping you
spread your message

We have a talented team of dedicated designers ready to help ensure your communications are effective and attractive inviting supporters and donations.  

From shop fronts, to leaflets, and websites to social media images.  

Online and offline, we can help you reach those who want to support your cause.  

A photograph of a leaflet advertising a charity sale
A photograph of a leaflet advertising for volunteers

What our clients say

"We needed help in our outreach communications both internally and externally – Mighty Moxie’s offer to skill donate came at the perfect time for us. We have marketing support, but as a charity we simply don’t have the budget to expand to paying for further help"
"We had launched the charity and the brand, the whole of Chester and surrounding area were really behind us with schools, churches and organisations in the locale also supporting us. We knew we needed to get some support with our communications infrastructure. Christine’s initial help came at exactly the right time. Mighty Moxie setting us up with Office 365 and all its tools and training us how to use it all, means that we can now easily schedule video conferences and calls, saving both time and money"

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