Are you on the new Clubhouse social app yet?

Social media has just taken on a whole new twist with the addition of the Clubhouse app. This new meeting place has sent the internet into a frenzy with people lining up to get a look at the invitation-only app. 

The meeting place in simple terms is an audio-based social media platform where participants can move around ‘rooms’, joining or leaving conversations at will. The mystery of the Clubhouse app has been amplified by a few factors:

  • It is only available on iPhone or Apple devices
  • It is by invitation only 
  • It has been adopted by celebrities like Oprah and Drake

Perhaps part of the Clubhouse’s appeal is that although it has attracted a number of popular celebrities, using the app does not provide any special privileges. There is no such thing as ‘celebrity status’ on Clubhouse, everybody is the same one gathered together in the app’s rooms.

What we know 

Clubhouse’s app was launched in April 2020, by Rohan Seth and Paul Davison of Alpha Exploration Co. It gained popularity quickly in the early months of the COVID19 pandemic and by May 2020 was valued at $100 million.

  • By January 21 2021, that number had rised to £1 billion.
  • Back in May 2020, the platform had just 1500 active users.
  • In January 2021 the number of users was 2 million
  • Now Clubhouse has an impressive 10 million users


Interested generated in the app has remained strong with over $10 million raised and over 180 organisations investing in Clubhouse. Consumer popularity is evident with numerous articles and news reports covering Clubhouse’s meteoric growth, and currently, the app is ranked number 5 on the App Store under ‘Social Networking’.

The app has gained increasing traction outside of America with countries like Japan, Turkey and Slovakia recording the highest number of downloads. This perhaps demonstrates the apps global appeal. 


How does it work

Clubhouse is an audio-based chat that is part podcast, part conference call. Participants can listen in or join interesting discussions across various topics. The interactions are restricted to audio-only. There are no photo, document, or video-sharing capabilities. Users are not even permitted to share text messages.

However, these restrictions have done nothing to limit the number of new users signing up to join the conversation. Along with hopping from room to room to converse with different people, there is also the option of creating your own room or ‘club’.

From the main screen, Clubhouse will recommend the top 3 to 5 room suggestions for you and if none of those choices are appealing you can explore further and find an option that interests you. Like most social media apps you can create a profile to represent your presence in a room and share some basic information about yourself with other users. 

When joining a room you enter as an ‘Audience’ member, meaning that you can listen but not speak. To speak you have to move up to the ‘Stage’ area at which point your mic will be activated and you will be audible to the room’s other participants. 

How do I get an invite?

As mentioned the ability to join Clubhouse is limited to invited members only, which enhances the already exclusive feel of the app. To get an invitation you need to be an iPhone or Apple device user and receive a text invitation from a current active Clubhouse user. 

Invitations are limited to a certain amount per person so there is a relative scarcity to them. Once you receive an invitation text you are free to download the Clubhouse app, choose your unique profile name, add a personalised bio and start chatting!