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Jen Davies
Hygge Homes
"I cannot recommend Mighty Moxie enough. They have helped us to become more dynamic and proactive with our marketing. They have endless ideas and are extremely professional yet personable. They have helped transform our business, and we have the results to prove it!"

The client

Hygge Homes gives landlords hands-off, hassle-free management of their property portfolio, providing long term guaranteed rent and no voids.  

With an aim to be the go-to serviced accommodation provider in Chester, they pride themselves on supporting local businesses.  

Whether a business, visitor to Chester, estate agent or landlord, choosing Hygge Homes as a serviced accommodation management agent can be the answer for many landlords and property investors.  

Jen & Blake, Founders of Hygge Homes

Challenges faced – the ‘too busy to do our own marketing’ moment

As a start up in September 2018, Hygge Homes had one property they were promoting as serviced accommodation on sites such as Airbnb.

Trying to learn their marketing on the go, the directors Jen and Blake soon realised that operational tasks simply take over.

Having their marketing outsourced made sense to their business model – they knew that they wanted to increase their property numbers fast so focused on this.

‘The business was growing quickly, within 6 months we had 4 Airbnb properties to manage and we knew we were going to get more on our books. We also understood the huge importance of marketing, so made the decision to outsource. We were finding that we were not able to come up with the ideas we knew we needed as our heads were so ‘full’ – dealing with and getting all the properties ready was really time consuming. We knew that we needed to be marketing ourselves, we had built our own website, but we needed to be posting engaging content and the like, but simply did not have the time to write it and consider what to be writing, let alone have the skills to work on our SEO’.

The big ‘ah-ha’ moment

Hygge Homes continued to grow, and by summer 2019 there were 7 homes in their roster and bookings were good.

Things were moving fast and sitting down to spend hours monitoring their website and social channels was proving more and more unrealistic for them. Jen explains

‘We knew that we could never achieve what we wanted without marketing mix expertise around the Airbnb sector, so I started to look for a local agency with content and SEO management in particular.’

The Mighty Moxie Moment

Hygge Homes achieved Super Host status on Airbnb and wanted to market this considerably, having already done some research on agencies, Jen was thrilled to find an agency run by two previous work colleagues;

‘My own personal experience knowing and working with Rachel and Christine, meant that I knew just how talented and experienced they are. They have always been the go-to people for ideas and problem solving, I knew I could trust them.’ ‘Setting up with them was easier than I could have imagined. They were eager to get to know our business and really did their research. When we came to discuss, they already knew exactly what we needed.’

The positive mindset moment  

Here at Mighty Moxie we actively encourage ourselves and our clients to feel and think with a positive and growth mindset. Not always easy when starting a new business or when making a commitment to grow or change an already successful one!  

Our favourite thing about working with businesses like Hygge Homes is their thirst for trying new things and being open to constantly learning with us. The digital age that we live in is now so fast paced, it is important for us to keep up for the benefit of our clients and their audiences.  

Jen and Blake came to us when things had got hectic and time to get everything done was proving more and more difficult. After all, businesses are set up to not only feed passion, but also allow owners to take control of this aspect of their lives. Many business owners find time spiralling and a feeling of overwhelm takes over.  

Blake, with a background in database development for large companies, was used to working in large corporations and understood how he needed to make Hygge grow.

However, he realised that two people could only do so much when trying to develop relationships within the serviced accommodation industry;

‘Mighty Moxie’s engagement with our business has allowed us to have a great marketing strategy playing out whilst we focus on trying to win and grow our business in the more direct ways we know how. It feels good to leave it to the experts. It has made our life easier and our business better’. We had tried alternative outsourced marketing, but the personal service at affordable prices delivering quality content was what made Rachel and Christine different.’

The ‘it is working and helping’ moment 

 Marketing strategy sessions often form a big part of the initial process before working with new clients and Hygge Homes discussed their goals for their business with the Moxie team to see if their working relationship would be a good fit. Jen recalls; 

‘From our first meeting, we have been really pleased with our work with the Mighty Moxie team, they are personable, professional and positive meaning that they really connect with our own brand values. Now that we have been working together for longer, we especially really enjoy our regular brain storming sessions with Rachel and Christine. We often find that there really is an abundance of ideas from the team to help us decide next steps. Life really has been made easier and our business is better for it.’

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