5 Ideas For Marketing Your Airbnb

A well thought out marketing strategy for your serviced accommodation can have a big impact increasing your property occupancy rates and higher earnings.

You have the well thought out and beautifully decorated rental, but this alone is not enough to guarantee you a full calendar of bookings.

You need to get savvy and bring some moxie to your Airbnb marketing. Here are our top tips and ideas to increase listing exposure and secure some bookings:

1 Refine and define

Your property listing is the first thing potential guests will see. Optimise your listing to its full potential. From your cover photo to your introduction paragraph you need to paint the perfect picture.

2 Get savvy with social

Focus on promoting on social, Facebook and Instagram will give you pretty platforms to flaunt your property.

Adding local hashtags and sharing tips about the area are a quick way to reach travellers that want to stay in your property’s location.

LinkedIn offers you the business clients for properties that can run retreats and are in busy business cities.

3 These platforms Increase recurrent bookings – use email

Not quite as exciting as social, email can play a huge part in your marketing strategy.

Email has so much to offer. You can respond to enquiries personally by offering a special deal or explaining anything from the property having a dishwasher through to how many champagne flutes there are.

Emails can help you increase recurring booking, keep in touch with your past guests and respond personally to reviews.

A regular newsletter which gives updates on events happening in the area where your property is and enticing information on new restaurants and bars can help make your previous guests want to come back for more!

4 Get active on forums

Make friends with fellow property owners and hosts.

Developing good relationships with other hosts means they may be more likely to send business your way.

After all a good quid prop quo is always good for business. It also helps towards building your credibility within the community.

5 Get listed locally

Airbnb may well be the most well known vehicle for such property rentals but it is not the only one. 

Tourists, explorers and business travellers will all check out local websites to try and find out more about the areas they are planning to visit, so appearing on these can prove advantageous. 

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